Alpine MRD-M605 V12 Digital Mono Amplifier

by Alpine

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  • Digital Information Center
  • MOSFET Power Supply
  • Advanced Class-D Mono Amplifier

JL w3 13.5 w/ Alpine v12 power mono congest

my buddys JL w3 with my alpine mono amp. some certifiable trunk flex!

Looking for Helper Re: Alpine V12 Expert MRV-1505 ...

Im also eccentric about some people remarking about made in korea and made in japan with these amps, Can someone detail this to me too. Even tho its two channel, If I end up putting a second pair of mids in the back of my business, (i know I wont have seperate f+r) can I run 2 pairs of mids off this amp. Im a Big fan of competition a bigger amp than needed, apposed to a smaller than needed amp. That being said, this mrv-1505 is a troll it seems, and I guess my questions for everyone that might know would be, Even tho this amp is just forthright overkill for a pair of mids, is it going to sound ok, Or was this amp built for on-going a pair of... I have been offered an alpine v12 expert mrv 1505. I dont "have in mind" this amp is really That old judging by the pictures, But I dont know anything about it. All I positively want is a good sized amp to run some decent 6x9's or 6's possibly in my trucks...


Rockford Fosgate 12" p3 sub & Alpine v12 mono amp in routine box ...

its a rockford fosgate 12" p3 sub. alpine v12 mrd-m605 mono hindrance amp in a custom box from freeway car audio sounds unreal. selling my sub and amp include as i have a ute now and wont fit. nothing wrong with any of it, its just sitting around not getting acclimatized so selling it will swap for a ute sub and amp or cash.


NEW Matra 3l V12 engines - by Nicholson-McLaren ...

It LOOKS irrational and on the stand they were showing a video of the engine development and testing. At Autosport show today I spotted the Matra machine immediately , but not till I got close did I realise it was NOT an original - far too spill the beans and not battle-scarred. So a few questions to the guys on the stand and it turns out they were asked by a Tommy owner of multiple Matra F1 and Le Mans sportscars to bod new engines so the cars could relive the glory and sound of the basic. With headphones available if you asked so that you could turn the volume up and it DOES cry out as good as the original , esp now that the originals aren't allowed to rev anywhere near their redlines.

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Yahoo answersHow do i turn one channel into 2?

  • Car Audio

    What model of amp do you have? According to, the specs on the amp (alpine v12 MRV-F357) are: 30 Watts RMS x 4 @ 4 ohms + 100 Watts RMS x 1 @ 4 ohms 80 Watts RMS x 2 @ 4 ohms + 100 Watts RMS x 1 @ 4 ohms You say yours are 45 watts RMS. Is that per channel? If it is then change...

Yahoo answersCan you help me for my car audio?

  • Car Audio

    you need a good power supply one that produces enogh power for the amp.. here is one that produces 40 amps... compare that to the fuses on the amp to see if it is enough.. You could also buy a seperate amp designed for a sub and in...

Yahoo answersIm planning to upgrade my MMATS setup,what should i change next?

  • Car Audio

    Give a call to AMERICAN BASS @ 1-800-798-9311 got 143.2 db with two vfl12's in the everyday compact box,on the term lab. tell them what you want to do with it and they can hook you up with the whole thing.

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